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Syp Oboivy

Oboivy syrup is the natural blend of standardized ivy leaf extract and menthol that helps relieve cough without causing addiction. English Ivy or Hedera Helix with saponins makes mucus less consistent, loosens phlegm, clears the airway and supports respiratory health.

|DRAP Enlistment No: 0089590239|

Supplement Facts:
Each 5 ml contains:
Ivy Leaf Extract (BP)……35mg
Menthol (USP)…………. ..5mg

Recommended Use
For symptomatic relief of cough.

Direction for use
5-12 years-5ml (3 times a day)
Over 12 years-10ml (3 times a day)

Key Benefits

  • Complete natural formula for cough
  • For both productive and allergic cough
  • Non-sedative and Non-Alcoholic
  • Supports bronchial functions



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